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June 19 20 21 Brussels

I haven't had consistent access to the internet, so updating has been difficult, and when I do sit down to updqte I can't think of anything to write. But now I have some time, so here goes nothing.

First, back to the italy game. It was truly an amazing experience. The US played with guts and heart, and even though it was a tie I feel US Soccer is now on the path to being mainstream in america. And I am proud to be a part of it. While I was singing the national anthem I truly felt proud to be an american.

Now to my couple of days in Brussels. The great thing about knowing someone here that can show you around is you get the nontourist experience. But not everyone goes to some hole in the wall bar to listen to a jam session by some local musiciqns in an area where americans probably have never been. You get that true traveling experience. That is the great thing about Erfurt, it isn't Berlin or anything like another city, it is a little town in the center of Germany.

I did some shopping today, qnd got some nice gifts, as well as a soccer shirt for CLub Brugge; the popular local team. Last evening I went on a walk in the Royal Park, and at a restaurant there I hqd mussels, which are the popular local dish. And some good beer too. They have one beer here called Cimneys, which tastes exactly like coca cola, but its beer.

I also got a haircut. The guy put gel in it, and it makes me look very, uhh european. Which is why I need to find a bathroom and wash it out. An odd thing I have noticed is the men here are very metrosexual. I guess it is good for them that they have ,oved beyond the traditional gender roles. But that must suck if you are gay here. In America, if you qre gay and you walk into a bar and see a guy wearing Armani and showing off his latest Dolce and Gobana wear, you know to buy him an apple martini. But over here, that is the norm. Really makes me look like a slob.

Tonight I am taking the night train to Nuremburg. I get in at 8 for the game at 4. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.


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