New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote,
New England 'til I die

June 12 Czech 3-0 USA


I arrived in Gelsenkirchen around noon. I just happened to be on the same train from frankfurt to gelsenkirchen with about 20 or 30 other US fans. We all had a nice ride together. The bar the US fans were meeting up at was right next to the train station. I have pictures, and hundreds, if not a thousand or two, showed up. Incredible atmosphere. We eventually all made it to the station on time, and we had a great cheering section going. But unfortunately, even more Czech fans showed up, and boy were they loud.

Then the game started.

The Czechs knew exactly what to do to shut us down. They took away our passing lanes and were incredibly physical with headers. Plus our defense was marginal at best, and no player except Eddie Johnson seemed to have a spark. At one point I thought Landon left the field to go get a bratwurst, since he seemed absent from the match. All the US fans did have a good time.

I am now in Erfurt, and will be here until Friday, when I go to Kaiserslautern for the Italy match. Must win game.

I don't know what the US media has been reporting, but the Germans have been incredibly friendly towards the americans over here. Last night a german or two did try to start it up with some of the fans, but as a whole they have been exceptionally friendly and great hosts.

Hillary- I will call your house tonight, and if you arent around I will call later on tonight.
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