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Weekend in Munich/Bavaria

Friday evening I went to Munich for the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. By the time I got to Munich they shut down train service to the city center, that many people were there. So I ended up watching the game in a bar by the train station. A bunch of ticos and germans were there. Even an american from Texas was there. And they loved me. When I walked in with my US shirt and scarf they started chanting 'USA USA!' Very cool. And friendly. They were telling me how they like america and how we hope we win. I ended up talking with some german kids my age, and after the game we went to the city center. It was absolutely crazy. The germans were partying like no tomorrow.

We ended up sitting at a table outside with some other Americans. And here I was, in the center of Munich after Germany won a football game, and I ended up sitting next to 2 Penn State students!!!! I can't escape it. The german kids and I ended up partying in Munich that night. They also let me stay with them in their apartment just outside of Munich for the weekend too. So I got a very Bavarian experience. They took me to a festival and I had one of those big glasses of beer. We then went to a bierhall and had more beer. It was very fun.

I got back to Erfurt this afternoon. I relaxed and watched the Mexico game. Tomorrow morning I leave for Gensenkirchen for the US game!!!!!! I am not sure if I am going to Rome or not, I am kinda tired after Munich and I may be exhausted after the US game, plus some of the US fans are going to Cologne afterwards, so we will see.

I had an awesome experience in Munich. I was truly surprised at how friendly and happy the germans and costa ricans were that I was american. I was expecting some animosity due to current international relations and a little thing called Iraq, but they were just so friendly and outgoing to me. Politics was brought up once or twice, but I tell them I voted for Kerry and then I ask them a soccer question, so it gets me out of a bind.

Tomorrow it truly begins for the US. USA-Czech Republic in Gelsenkirchen. 1800 local time, noon on the east coast. I'll be wearing my red Dont Tread on Me shirt, and I will wear a US flag around my shoulders, and a US scarf or two. And I am going to try to hang up my Penn State flag by where we are sitting so look for that. This is it!!!!!!!!!

You're on notice Europe

We are in your house Europe. And we plan on kicking some ass!!!! I just know I am going to start to cry during the national anthem, it is going to be that powerful. America, fuck yeah!


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