New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote,
New England 'til I die

June 6 Erfurt

Erfurt is a very lovely and historic town. It didn't get the shit blown out of it in WWII, so most of the historic buildings are still in existence and being used. Very picturesque.

Since yesterday was a German holiday, I did a lot of shopping today. Mostly groceries. I also picked up some items for Hillary, parents, grandparents, sister, etc. The nice part of this town is that it isn't too touristy, so there is a lot of authentic German stuff, not just stuff for tourists.

Last night I had dinner at a Tapas bar. I am not 100% sure what I had for dinner, I think it was schnitzel wrapped in bacon. I also found the local equivalent of jager. Yummy.

Not sure what I am doing tonight, I may go on an evening tour of the city. Tomorrow I may go to Prague for the day as a side trip. We will see.
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