New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote,
New England 'til I die

June 4-Erfurt

I arrived in Erfurt this afternoon. Nice little german town. Most of the buildings are older and historic. Very 'German.' The apartment I rented is two rooms on top of a building on a plaza. Real sweet room. Very roomy and comfortable. When I am able to post pics of it, I will.

Last night in Berlin I was with the same group I was with the day before. Two of them have been traveling in Europe since February, they spent two months in Rome and 6 weeks in Prague. One of them is a tribal member of a tribe in Washington that has a casino, and that is paying for his excursion. They want to do some sort of writing/art stuff.

The only internet cafe I found in Erfurt is in a Radisson, which is connected to a casino-like area. Kinda odd.

Tomorrow I plan to do some shopping around Erfurt to get some food and explore the city. Tonight I am going to have a nice dinner and just relax.
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