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Back on track

If our lives were meant to be "on track" then I feel I am now back to where I was going in 2009. Before I was laid off from a job and employer I liked. Before a year of unemployment. Before working a job where I was used and abused. Before I was laid off from that job. Before I took another job at a company on the brink of going under. All while buying a condo, adopting two dogs and doing what I could to be a good husband.

I am now working for a rather large environmental firm in Windsor. I feel I am in a comfort zone. My coworkers are confident, we work together rather easily, and I feel my work, determination, and motivation is being rewarded. I was given an opportunity to succeed and I will make the most of it.

It wasnt easy to get here. I had to overcome jealousy and stubbornness on my part. There are many out there who have lost everything they had. I had to stop worrying about what others had, and appreciate what I have and what I can do with it.

All along my amazing wife supported me, stood by me and never doubted me. I could have been more appreciative of her efforts at the time, but I know what we can do together and hope to be grateful in the future.

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charlie brown

Here I am

I'm still here.

The past two years have been unpredictable, hard, stressful, but enjoyable and happy at the same time. I continue to feel a new energy about myself and have realized what I am truly capable of.

I keep all of my internet friends in mind, and hope all are doing well.
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Share the Love

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2. Post a reasonably-sized picture in your LJ, NOT under a cut tag, of something pleasant, such as an adorable kitten, or a fluffy white cloud, or a bottle of booze. Something that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS.

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My U2 Tour History

Thanks billhelm for the idea.

You've selected the following 5 shows:

· 2001-06-03 - Hartford, Connecticut - Civic Center (21 songs)
· 2001-10-30 - Providence, Rhode Island - Providence Civic Center (19 songs)
· 2005-05-26 - Boston, Massachusetts - Fleet Center (22 songs)
· 2005-10-22 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Mellon Arena (23 songs)
· 2005-12-07 - Hartford, Connecticut - Civic Center (24 songs)

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Back in the USA

On Saturday I checked out of the apartment in Erfurt and was originally going to go to Copenhagen for a couple of days before I tried to head home. But I arrived at the Fulda train station, and after some running around I was unable to get a reservation on the train, which was required. So I decided to take the train to the Frankfurt airport and see what I could do about an earlier flight.

I arrive there at 1 am Sunday local time. United ticket counter doesn't open until 6. So I took a little nap on a bench, and went to the counter at 6 am. All their flights through mid July were booked solid, so were the flights from Munich, Dusseldorf, and Zurich. So they put me on standby for the 11 am flight to Washington Dulles.

There were 9 people in standby with me, including a family of 4 and the pilots wife. 3 of us got on board, I was number 2. So yesterday around 5:30 pm eastern time I touched down at Bradley Airport in Hartford, where Hillary was waiting for me.

I felt that I did all I wanted to do on this trip, and that the trip was complete. It was starting to get old. There are so many trains you can take across Germany. I also started to feel a little homesick as well. But I had an absolute adventure, and I am glad to have gone and cheered on the USA.

So now what? I am going to call the company I interviewed with right before I left to see the status of my application, and let them know I am back. Once that happens, I will need to get a car and most likely move out of the house, Mom and Dad are smothering me with love. Plus Hillary and I need to start planning a wedding. I also want to start eating healthier and work out a little more, I have put on the freshmen 15 my senior year.

Also, I would like to start playing soccer more, whether it be pickup games or in a league. I also want to start going to New England Revolution games also, their tickets are actually quite cheap. So I do have a full plate for the short term.

This trip provided an excellent opportunity to close the book on 4 years of college, and start a new one with my young adult life.
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Forget Copenhagen

I am unable to get a reservation on the night train, they must be bought from the office, and that closed hours ago. So now I am going to the Frankfurt airport and hoping the United ticket counter will be open and that I can get a flight home soon. Looks like a night in Frankfurt.
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June 24 On the train to Copenhagen

Erfurt has been a very lovely city and experience, but before I leave Europe I want to see one more city.

So tonight I am taking the night train to Copenhagen. I got a good deal on a hostel, so I will be there through Tuesday. I hope to go to Frankfurt airport on Wednesday to change my ticket so I can get home. I plan on doing some sightseeing, and I want to get a Brondby IF shirt and scarf, they are the team from Denmark that I like.

Thanks Erfurt, it has been nice.
charlie brown

June 22 Ghana 2-1 USA

If it weren't for the horrible diving Italy got away with and the bullshit penalty Ghana got right before the half, the US would be preparing for Australia or Brazil now.

But now we are heading home.

Not much to say, very disapointed and letdown. So much so, that I may be back in the States in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

Sung last night in Nuremburg:
We are Bruce's Yankee Army
and we are leaving Germany
cause we really stunk it up
at the German World Cup
and we'll all be home in a week.

Is it too early to start planning for South Africa in 2010?