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June 19 20 21 Brussels

I haven't had consistent access to the internet, so updating has been difficult, and when I do sit down to updqte I can't think of anything to write. But now I have some time, so here goes nothing.

First, back to the italy game. It was truly an amazing experience. The US played with guts and heart, and even though it was a tie I feel US Soccer is now on the path to being mainstream in america. And I am proud to be a part of it. While I was singing the national anthem I truly felt proud to be an american.

Now to my couple of days in Brussels. The great thing about knowing someone here that can show you around is you get the nontourist experience. But not everyone goes to some hole in the wall bar to listen to a jam session by some local musiciqns in an area where americans probably have never been. You get that true traveling experience. That is the great thing about Erfurt, it isn't Berlin or anything like another city, it is a little town in the center of Germany.

I did some shopping today, qnd got some nice gifts, as well as a soccer shirt for CLub Brugge; the popular local team. Last evening I went on a walk in the Royal Park, and at a restaurant there I hqd mussels, which are the popular local dish. And some good beer too. They have one beer here called Cimneys, which tastes exactly like coca cola, but its beer.

I also got a haircut. The guy put gel in it, and it makes me look very, uhh european. Which is why I need to find a bathroom and wash it out. An odd thing I have noticed is the men here are very metrosexual. I guess it is good for them that they have ,oved beyond the traditional gender roles. But that must suck if you are gay here. In America, if you qre gay and you walk into a bar and see a guy wearing Armani and showing off his latest Dolce and Gobana wear, you know to buy him an apple martini. But over here, that is the norm. Really makes me look like a slob.

Tonight I am taking the night train to Nuremburg. I get in at 8 for the game at 4. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.

June 17 18 19 Italy 1-1 USA and Brussels.

The atmosphere in Ktown was just incredible. The entire city center was shut down, and they had a massive fan fest going on. The town was one big party. And there were a lot of americans there. A lot. So after pregaming with hundreds of other americans we made our way to the fritz walter stadion in Kaiserslautern, which is located on a massive hill overlooking the town. The majority of us were located in one big section.

And we were loud. The entire game the US fans were singing, chanting, shouting, and waving flqgs. The passion was incredible. The italian fans just sat on their ass the whole game.

Oh yeah, to the game...

The officiating was absolutely horrible. 7 cards, 3 of them red. And I, as well as every US fan, would like to know the call for why Beasleys goal was called back. Simply horrible. But the US leqrned their lesson from the Czech game. They were clearly united as a team, and their passion showed on the field. And thanks to Ghana beating Czech, we still have a chance of qualifying for the next round. I will take the tie because the US went blow for blow against one of the best and most legendary teams in the world.

Now I am in Brussels. A friend of Mine nqmed Line [lee-nay} that I met when I went to Denmqrk on a scouting trip lives here, and we have managed to keep in touch since then, so I am here visiting her. Very beautiful city. She took me around the city center and showed me some of the massive stone buildings here. I also met some of her friends, and we did a mini bar tour of Brussels. Very european city.

Right now I am in a metro station using the internet. I am about to go get some lunch, then do some sightseeing. Hopefully I will be able to update again soon.

June 16 and 17 Kaiserslautern

This is it. The big game. The one we have been looking forward too since the draw in December.

2100 local time, 3 pm eastern on ABC

Must win for the US. We just didn\t lose against the Czechs, we were humiliated. Many things were said in the media, now it is time to see if our players, namely Landon Donovan and Demarcus Beasly can step up after being called out by their coach. A win and we stand a good chance at making it through. A draw, not so good. A loss, we are done.

Yesterday I arrived in Ktown. I stayed at the official fan camp, which were a bunch of tents set up in the middle of a soccer field. Apparently Ktown doesnt have a lot of hotel rooms. So after I relaxed for a bit I went into town for the fanfest. Pretty much the entire downtown area was blocked off and was one big party.

The US fans met at a place called the brahaus an markt, it was a nice place. All you can drink beer for 20 euros. While I was there I met up and started talking with some other US fans my age, and we went out to a different bar/cub after the games. It was real cool, there were a lot of servicemen and women there. Everywhere we go here there are americans.

This is it. It is US soccers moment to shine and see what we can do. USA!!!!!!!

June 15 Erfurt

Germany won last night. I watched the game in this hall in Erfurt, where it was packed with German fans. Very festive mood. They went absolutely bullshit when Germany scored in extra time. Big moment for them.

I finally uploaded all the pics I have taken so far, you can see them all here:

Everything from Frankfurt, to Berlin, to the apartment in Erfurt, to an adventure in Munich to the Czech game are there. Enjoy.

Now I am off to see the Costa Rica game. Tomorrow I leave for Kaiserslautern, and after that it is of to Brussels, then the game in Nuremburg. So I have a busy period coming up. Wish me luck.

June 14 Erfurt

Today I did laundry. I had to hike around Erfurt for about a half hour to find one, but I did, so now I have nice clean clothes.

I am currently in the process of uploading photos to my webshots account. It is taking a while, so today I will only have a small selection up. Hopefully I will finish tomorrow.


Tonight is the Germany-Poland match in Dortmund. I will go to a biergarten to watch it. I thought about going to Dortmund, but yesterday Montizumo's german cousin decided to have revenge, so I wasn't feeling well yesterday. But now I am back to 100%.

June 12 Czech 3-0 USA


I arrived in Gelsenkirchen around noon. I just happened to be on the same train from frankfurt to gelsenkirchen with about 20 or 30 other US fans. We all had a nice ride together. The bar the US fans were meeting up at was right next to the train station. I have pictures, and hundreds, if not a thousand or two, showed up. Incredible atmosphere. We eventually all made it to the station on time, and we had a great cheering section going. But unfortunately, even more Czech fans showed up, and boy were they loud.

Then the game started.

The Czechs knew exactly what to do to shut us down. They took away our passing lanes and were incredibly physical with headers. Plus our defense was marginal at best, and no player except Eddie Johnson seemed to have a spark. At one point I thought Landon left the field to go get a bratwurst, since he seemed absent from the match. All the US fans did have a good time.

I am now in Erfurt, and will be here until Friday, when I go to Kaiserslautern for the Italy match. Must win game.

I don't know what the US media has been reporting, but the Germans have been incredibly friendly towards the americans over here. Last night a german or two did try to start it up with some of the fans, but as a whole they have been exceptionally friendly and great hosts.

Hillary- I will call your house tonight, and if you arent around I will call later on tonight.

Weekend in Munich/Bavaria

Friday evening I went to Munich for the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. By the time I got to Munich they shut down train service to the city center, that many people were there. So I ended up watching the game in a bar by the train station. A bunch of ticos and germans were there. Even an american from Texas was there. And they loved me. When I walked in with my US shirt and scarf they started chanting 'USA USA!' Very cool. And friendly. They were telling me how they like america and how we hope we win. I ended up talking with some german kids my age, and after the game we went to the city center. It was absolutely crazy. The germans were partying like no tomorrow.

We ended up sitting at a table outside with some other Americans. And here I was, in the center of Munich after Germany won a football game, and I ended up sitting next to 2 Penn State students!!!! I can't escape it. The german kids and I ended up partying in Munich that night. They also let me stay with them in their apartment just outside of Munich for the weekend too. So I got a very Bavarian experience. They took me to a festival and I had one of those big glasses of beer. We then went to a bierhall and had more beer. It was very fun.

I got back to Erfurt this afternoon. I relaxed and watched the Mexico game. Tomorrow morning I leave for Gensenkirchen for the US game!!!!!! I am not sure if I am going to Rome or not, I am kinda tired after Munich and I may be exhausted after the US game, plus some of the US fans are going to Cologne afterwards, so we will see.

I had an awesome experience in Munich. I was truly surprised at how friendly and happy the germans and costa ricans were that I was american. I was expecting some animosity due to current international relations and a little thing called Iraq, but they were just so friendly and outgoing to me. Politics was brought up once or twice, but I tell them I voted for Kerry and then I ask them a soccer question, so it gets me out of a bind.

Tomorrow it truly begins for the US. USA-Czech Republic in Gelsenkirchen. 1800 local time, noon on the east coast. I'll be wearing my red Dont Tread on Me shirt, and I will wear a US flag around my shoulders, and a US scarf or two. And I am going to try to hang up my Penn State flag by where we are sitting so look for that. This is it!!!!!!!!!

You're on notice Europe

We are in your house Europe. And we plan on kicking some ass!!!! I just know I am going to start to cry during the national anthem, it is going to be that powerful. America, fuck yeah!

June 8 Erfurt

The last couple of days have been quiet. I did some sightseeing yesterday. Back in the day Erfurt was at the heart of trades routes between Europe and the East, so as a result the city had cash, enough to support something like 30 parishes, and back then parish=money. The largest is the Cathedral of St. Christopher. Absolutely gorgeous. Very breathtaking. Also there is the Augustine Chapel where Martin Luther studied as a monk. Very cool.

One day until the World Cup starts!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I am heading down to Munich to take in the festivities of the opening game between Germany and Costa Rica.

Since I will be doing some traveling tomorrow, I probably won't be doing anything tonight. But I did find another American fan here in town, so I'm not the only one here.

June 6 Erfurt

Erfurt is a very lovely and historic town. It didn't get the shit blown out of it in WWII, so most of the historic buildings are still in existence and being used. Very picturesque.

Since yesterday was a German holiday, I did a lot of shopping today. Mostly groceries. I also picked up some items for Hillary, parents, grandparents, sister, etc. The nice part of this town is that it isn't too touristy, so there is a lot of authentic German stuff, not just stuff for tourists.

Last night I had dinner at a Tapas bar. I am not 100% sure what I had for dinner, I think it was schnitzel wrapped in bacon. I also found the local equivalent of jager. Yummy.

Not sure what I am doing tonight, I may go on an evening tour of the city. Tomorrow I may go to Prague for the day as a side trip. We will see.

June 4-Erfurt

I arrived in Erfurt this afternoon. Nice little german town. Most of the buildings are older and historic. Very 'German.' The apartment I rented is two rooms on top of a building on a plaza. Real sweet room. Very roomy and comfortable. When I am able to post pics of it, I will.

Last night in Berlin I was with the same group I was with the day before. Two of them have been traveling in Europe since February, they spent two months in Rome and 6 weeks in Prague. One of them is a tribal member of a tribe in Washington that has a casino, and that is paying for his excursion. They want to do some sort of writing/art stuff.

The only internet cafe I found in Erfurt is in a Radisson, which is connected to a casino-like area. Kinda odd.

Tomorrow I plan to do some shopping around Erfurt to get some food and explore the city. Tonight I am going to have a nice dinner and just relax.